Watch All The Apple TV Aerial Video Screensavers

19 October 2015

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The fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV feature Aerial screensavers, stunning slow-mo shots of various landmarks around the world. The Apple TV periodically fetches new videos from an Apple server. This page scrapes that data source and shows all the possible videos that the Aerial screensavers include.

You can watch them all above, streaming directly from Apple’s servers. Just click one one of the links and the movie will start playing.

The Apple TV 4K can only select videos from rows with the ’4K Apple TV’ label. When previewing these videos, a 1080p version of the video is displayed on this page. They will play in 4K HDR on an actual Apple TV. There are currently a lot more videos in the rotation for the older Apple TV than the 4K model.

Unfortunately, tvOS does not include a way to know which aerial location is currently being displayed. This page includes place name and time of day labels as provided by Apple, so you can work that out.