About Me

2 June 2012

I have been actively coding and managing iOS development projects since 2011. In parallel, I began blogging primarily about technology, Apple and design culture. Although one is certainly a more technical avenue, they share similar skillsets. They started out as mere hobbies but I have been fortunate enough to turn both blogging and coding into professional ventures.

I am currently seeking new iOS projects to work on (freelance, contract or potentially even a full-time basis) so please get in touch if you have something in mind that you want to see come to fruition. You can read more about my credentials in this area below.

I post new stories and links here regularly and have generated decent reach over the years with a highly-interactive audience: it’s so cool. That being said, this website is essentially a loss-leader at the moment with no current sponsorships or income. Although I love to blog regardless, I think its healthy to aim to make this financially sustainable as well. I now regularly write on 9to5Mac about Apple technology news, which has expanded the platform substantially.

I’m addicted to Twitter. Please follow me there (@bzamayo) to catch up on everything that I’m working on and writing about. You can expect the same personality portrayed on this blog to come across in my tweets, just in bitesize form. It’s all just me, no cover acts or fake personalities, speaking my mind across different mediums.

Twitter is also great for feedback. I read everything people send me. If you have comments about anything you read on the blog, feel free to tweet and email me. If you haven’t already realised, prefer tweeting — I love Twitter.

Freelance And Contract iOS Developer

My main work at the moment is developing great iOS apps for iPhone and iPad for companies and individuals. I have led development of several major iOS apps over the last few years and am currently looking for something new. I’m open to exploring all opportunities.

You can download a formal CV from here. I currently develop and manage two applications of my own, Bingo Machine and Writing Aid. Here’s some of my past work for clients.

  • Logic Puzzles Daily. Based on mockups and graphics assets provided by the client, I developed the complete codebase and brought the project to fruition. This included advanced Game Center achievements integration, a silent puzzle update mechanism and a completely-custom game grid canvas.
  • 9to5Mac — Breaking Apple News. Solely led engineering, design and development of 9to5Mac’s premier app for their news coverage. The product features the latest support for the iOS SDK, push notifications, Today view widget, subscriptions and more.
  • Cloudier. The first version of this app was solely developed by me and received much critical acclaim upon release. It went on to be bought out by CloudApp as the official first-party client.
  • Gluten Free Me. As a contractor for the company, I took design prototypes though to finished product with this beautiful iPad recipe app, featuring custom controls, rich interaction and deep Store Kit In-App Purchase integration. The flexible codebase was also repurposed into a cocktails app.
  • Southampton Buses. The iPhone app was my sole responsibility and I delivered a beautiful app incorporating necessary branding into a modern iOS experience. The app is used for a bus company in the UK.

I offer competitive rates and day-to-day flexibility. I am a contract iOS developer based in the UK but am accustomed to taking on remote projects from around the world. The same passion that goes into making this blog is also imbued into every development project I do. I’m proud of my work, in whatever form it takes.