Oscar Clark On The App Store

11 March 2013

Oscar Clark, GamesIndustry International:

“We’re assuming that we are owed by Apple or Google the right to get our content in front of an audience. Well that’s not the case,” he said. “Apple and Google’s mission is to make the customer experience the best it can be, and to make sure that they can find games that they love. It doesn’t mean they have to make your game the one that the player finds.”

This is spot on. I made very similar comments last year1, in this piece on MacStories:

Overall, the App Store’s focus on games and “entertainment tiles” speaks for the minds of consumers who aren’t always using their devices as business and productivity machines. “In the end, Apple has to prioritise customer satisfaction, over developers”, said Mayo. “This means they almost have to focus on the big, wide appeal, titles. Showing niche apps simply to give developers more exposure would not be serving the interests of most users”.

1 I was unsure whether I should post this article or not, as I could foresee the response from some people. I ended up deciding to do so. Please don’t take it as one big humblebrag; that was not the intention. Note that the article is titled “Oscar Clark On The App Store” and not “I Am Always Right” for a reason.