Marc Newson Working On Specific Part-Time Project For Apple

2 October 2014


Amy Frearson: You’ve taken on quite a major role with Apple, do you think you’ll still have time to work on these kinds of project as well?
Marc Newson: Yes absolutely, because my role at Apple doesn’t necessitate all of my time and that was for very specific reasons, so absolutely, my company still exists and I remain based in the UK.
Amy Frearson: And can you tell me what you’re working on at Apple?
Marc Newson: Not really! Sorry!
Mark van Iterson: They’ll fire him immediately if he does.
Marc Newson: And I’ve only just started!
Amy Frearson: Can you tell me if you were involved in the watch design?
Marc Newson: Apparently I can’t.
PR Lady: Sorry we can’t answer that, sorry.

Let me translate. “Apparently, I can’t” means yes, Newson did have input on Apple Watch. In regard to his current ‘special project’, who knows? Maybe it’s just some structure for Apple Campus 2 … maybe it’s for another fashion iProduct1 in the pipeline.

1 The colloquial iProduct (to mean any new Apple hardware) doesn’t really work anymore, now that Apple is moving away from the ‘i’ prefix.