Following Up On The "Definitive" Survey From January That Said iPhones Are Not Cool

10 April 2013


Teens have decided that Apple is, like, so over. If you want to be a veritable cooleratus, you want to be seen with a Samsung Galaxy phone in your hand or a Microsoft Surface1 laptoppy tablet stuck under your arm.

This definitive information comes to me courtesy of research performed by Buzz Marketing, as well as three 14-year-olds who tried to rob me of my orange Puma sneakers.

Munster released a study today that says iPhone usage among teenagers has risen from 40% to 48% in the US, and the ‘expected purchase levels’ have remained constant at 68%.2

1 Regarding the Surface comment, the significance of the Surface amongst teenagers is so small Munster doesn’t even bother to mention it.

2 Obviously, Munster’s study could be as unreliable as Buzz Marketing’s. The difference is that Munster doesn’t say it is “definitive” and his study matches up with other marketshare signals — the iPhone is successful. Munster also opts not to use demeaning language like “cooleratus”.