TechCrunch Really Loves To Sensationalise Everything

18 December 2012


Facebook and Apple’s growing alliance bears new fruit today, as mobile app install ads on Facebook for iOS 6 now allow users to downloads apps from the App Store from a pop-up instead of forcing users to leave Facebook.

It’s a neat feature, but TechCrunch misconstrues what is going on here. This change has nothing to do with Apple and Facebook’s business relationship. The actual story is that Facebook are using the standard SKStoreProductViewController API available in iOS 6 provided for anyone to use1┬áin their app. Therefore, this feature was added by the Facebook development team independent of any special relationship with Apple.

TechCrunch just tries to shove business antics into every post they make.

1 One sec, let me just go have some dodgy dealings with Apple to use this public API in my own app.