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Jon Fortt Says Kevin Lynch Has Left His Role As Adobe CTO To Join Apple

19 March 2013

CNBC, Twitter:

ALERT: Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is leaving the company this week to join Apple, sources tell @jonfortt.

The hire is interesting when put in context of the infamous Apple-Adobe HTML5-Flash wars. In February 2010, Lynch wrote this on the Adobe blog:

Longer term, some point to HTML as eventually supplanting the need for Flash, particularly with the more recent developments coming in HTML with version 5. I don’t see this as one replacing the other, certainly not today nor even in the foreseeable future.

Most people can’t defend this stance … a mere three years later1. I suppose that “some” would argue Flash is still quite prevalent today, but the trend is — in my mind — indisputable.

1 … I think 3 years is the foreseeable future in 2010, by the way.