Apple's iPhone 6s Ad: 'The Only Thing That's Changed Is Everything'

14 September 2015

Apple, YouTube:

iPhone 6s is here and the only thing that’s changed is everything.

Good ad in my opinion. Fast-paced, feature rich, light tone. It includes some unusually extravagant moments for an Apple ad (Rose-Gold hotelier) but doesn’t feel cheesy.

The celebrity endorsement (Selena Gomez, Bill Hader) isn’t new to Apple ads but it is unusual for celebrities to feature in the ‘flagship ads’.1 The iPhone 6 had a similar celebrity connection with the launch ads but they were voiceovers only. Showing them in the video somehow feels more crude.

1 Siri ended up having celebs featured in its ads but that was only after Siri had already been established with non-celeb marketing.