How To Find Large iPhone And iPad App Icons

6 June 2013

Apple requires developers to submit iPhone app artwork at incredibly large sizes, currently maxing out at 1024×1024, but it’s hard to find these large icon assets online, as I found out when I needed to get big artwork for one of my own projects.

I thought I would make a utility to make finding these images easier for others. This tool uses the iTunes lookup API to retrieve the bigger images straight from Apple’s servers.

Paste the App Store URL to find the large icon.

You can also paste in an app ID. What is an app ID?

Every application on the App Store has a unique number associated with it. To find this number, you can look at the iTunes URL for the 9-10 digit number which is near the end of the URL string. For example, Bingo Machine’s URL is The app ID can be easily read off as 422822316.

The simpler way is to just the paste the full App Store URL. It’s a lot simpler than extracting the ID manually.

Why do these icons not have rounded corners?

When a developer uploads app assets to Apple, they upload their icons as square images. Later, Apple applies a mask which creates the rounded corner effect. This tool returns the image assets before they have been masked, hence they are square.

Why am I sometimes not getting a 1024×1024 image back?

The App Store does not have 1024×1024 icons available for all apps on the store, because not all developers have provided these assets yet. This tool will always return the largest image that is available for a particular app.

What! I am pasting but nothing’s happening?

This hasn’t been tested on every platform and web browser combination known to man, so I don’t guarantee compatibility. That being said, on any modern setup, it should be perfectly fine. Please contact me if you are experiencing issues.

Is the source code available?

Feel free to view the source at leisure and cringe at my terrible JavaScript accumen. I’m sure I am doing hundreds of things wrong, but it works in Safari and Chrome and I don’t care enough about web development right now to spend days perfecting it.