New "ClamCase Pro" Released

12 January 2013


The original ClamCase was a revolution – the world’s first all-in-one iPad keyboard case and stand. And now the all new Pro, our thinnest and lightest yet, provides maximum protection and productivity in one sleek and stylish package.

Well, the original ClamCase was a ‘revolution’ in iPad cases, but was just badly made. This new version emulates a MacBook in almost every way possible1, including the keyboard and bottom rubber feet.

The new version has an aluminium casing, has a chiclet keyboard design (a huge improvement over the original), is lighter than its predecessor and only $20 more. Seems like a great revision.

1 Even some of the slogans on the ClamCase website are reminiscent of Apple’s product PR; “Looks aren’t everything. What you’re made of counts even more.”