iMore Reports August Launch For iPhone 5S

5 March 2013


iMore has learned that Apple is planning the release of the iPhone 5S for this summer, currently for August. Next generation iPads, presumably the iPad 5 and potentially the iPad mini 2, may also debut as soon as this April.

This falls roughly in line with KGI Securities current model, which was released yesterday. Taking an August launch to be correct and accounting for an average three-month gap between public announcement and Gold Master status of a new iOS version1, WWDC appears to be too late to announce iOS 7.

I suppose there is a possibility that Apple could return to the ‘iPhone OS’ release schedule, by announcing iOS 7 at a special event in April or May2.

1 Using Will Hains’ excellent chart, there were 61, 92 and 100 days between the first beta and final release of iOS 4, iOS 5 and iOS 6, respectively.

2 Historically, the events happened in March or April. I think its already too late into March to expect an event this month though; there have been no rumours of an invite at all.